How Twitter is helping to teach geography in my home

Zen (Photo credit: Josefe aka Hipnosapo)

My husband subscribes to a minimalist blog that provides tips for how the author has been able to eschew the material and achieve a Zen like state in the internet age.  For the full list of how he conducts his business (successfully I might add), feel free to visit Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog. I can get behind most of the other tips such as not cluttering my blog with affiliate advertising, however I am not able to completely ignore my blog stats.

And why should I? In the same article, Leo writes about providing content that his readers want, but unless he pays attention to what they are reading, how can he determine what exactly it is that they searching for. Perhaps he is just one of those lucky intuitive types. Steve Jobs of Apple supposedly never listened to focus groups preferring just to follow his gut.

During my most recent performance review, my boss and I debated whether or not the word intuitive applied to me. I told him that no, I didn’t necessarily consider myself that way. Opinionated – YES, but not necessarily intuitive. I like to see facts backing up my gut read on a situation. So yes, I do watch those stats. I find them fascinating. But the stat I enjoy seeing the most is the origin of my reader’s nationality.

Up until recently I had resisted signing up with Twitter. To me, the entire concept seemed to be counter to writing. When writing a novel, you are supposed to write tens of thousands of words, and yet to market it, you have to somehow rein yourself in to only 140 characters. It made my head hurt.

After I read the fiftieth article telling me I had to create a Twitter account, I finally succumbed to peer pressure. I’d rather you follow my blog than my Twitter handle, as I still haven’t exactly embraced the Tweet, however since then I have noticed that I’ve gotten a significant increase in the number of international visitors to my site. As a result I am forced to admit that Twitter is more than just another time waster for me.

United Nations
United Nations (Photo credit: Ashitakka)

If you are visiting today from somewhere other than the United States – Hello! I am still amazed you found me. I promise to do my best to avoid the sports themed metaphors whenever possible.

Up until now, my attempts at introducing my son to geography had consistent of bringing home cookies from another country whenever international visitors came to my office. We would enjoy our cookies and then we would locate the country on our big wall map, but thanks to you I now have another option! Even better (at least for me) the option is sugar-free!

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