Staying on the lookout for the win

I recently came across a discussion topic regarding a woman’s recent decision to join the entrepreneur set. She wanted to know what others felt was the most important element to consider with regards to going into business for one’s self. I answered, you have to be careful to surround yourself with the right people.

Caution sign for an open pit
Caution sign for an open pit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my household we know only too well what can go wrong for your business when you hire the wrong person for the job. I’ve recently posted about how I want to remain positive. This has been a pretty large challenge at times, particularly over the last few days.

I have been attending communication/presentation speaking training and this week we were tasked with giving a speech on something we felt passionate about. It could be any topic. The goal was to have high energy and require use of loads of gestures. I am passionate about a number of things, but in my recent state of mind, I didn’t think any of my topics or particularly gestures associated with the topic would be considered work appropriate.

Luckily I didn’t have to go first.

One of colleagues went to the front of the room and gave a speech on how it is important to find the win every day. She provided a number of examples. Getting through multiple green lights in a row was a win. Issuing a quote to a new customer was a win. Making contact with a hard to reach client was a win. Hearing an unexpected thank you for a job well done was a win.

The definition of the day’s win wasn’t important. All that matters is that an achievable win exists every day. The win should be something that makes the day special. Something small that made the day worth experiencing.

She reminded me in that quick speech that there is always something you can cling to even on your worst days provided you open your mind enough to recognize the win for what it is. Her speech helped break me out of my own internal stress cycle, recognize that the past was done and it was time to return my focus to the present.

Various doughnuts
Various doughnuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While she gave this speech I happened to notice the box of doughnuts the instructor had brought as a means of getting our energy level up. I had managed to skip on the delicious treats because I had a weigh-in that afternoon as part of my company’s wellness program. If I had managed to keep my body fat in check I would be eligible for preferred premiums. I love food, deserts in general, so passing on those pastries was an extreme test of will. A test I am happy to say I passed.

Later that day, I had my check in and the combination of better eating as well as improved exercise was enough to place me in the next fitness category. I achieved my win and was able to return home victorious! The employee situation at my husband’s work is going to take at least a few more days to resolve, but at least I can now face it with improved blood sugar.

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4 thoughts on “Staying on the lookout for the win

  1. Even your old work, Allie, inspires me. I know I need to reply to your email, but in the meantime, let me just tell you that your finding your blog with all of its positivity and passion for living has been a huge win in my life.


    1. Thank you. I remember writing this one. There were a few things going on in the background that were completely out of my control. It was a time I really needed to remember to look for the daily win. Bit by bit I felt a piece of my control return. Always look for the win.

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