It’s not cheating, it’s called changing the parameters

I’m Possible - Audrey Hepburn Quote | VisualizeUs
I’m Possible – Audrey Hepburn Quote | VisualizeUs (Photo credit: Wicker Paradise)

I love food, and my husband can do some wonderful things in the kitchen, but mealtimes are one of the most stressful times of the day for me. All because my toddler has strong opinions what he does and does not want to eat.

My older son hadn’t always been willing to eat his food either. Beginning from the time he was his brother’s age, each time he managed to eat everything on his plate, we broke out into a little song about being a member of the clean plate club as way of encouragement. It was a tradition we continued as he grew older. Those who were granted membership into the exclusive clean plate club were given privileges such as dessert or extra TV time.

It was once again dinner time, and I could tell it was going to be another one of those nights. After several minutes my son’s dinner was just as untouched as it had been when it was set down. Until suddenly it wasn’t.

Within a blink, the entire contents of the plate had been shuffled neatly from plate to place-mat, thereby conforming to our other rule: no throwing food. He beamed at both my husband, announcing with a smile, “Keen Pate Cub!”

I have to admit he was technically correct. The plate was clean.

If he was older, someone might accuse my toddler of being a cheat. But that wouldn’t be accurate. Silly us. We hadn’t specifically said the food had to have been eaten, only that the plate be clean. In the words of Captain Kirk, he didn’t cheat. He merely changed the parameters, providing us with the outcome he thought we wanted without unnecessary (his opinion) sacrifice.

My poor youngest son is destined for entrepreneurship. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Water defies gravity
Water defies gravity (Photo credit: garrellmillhouse)

There are a number of sites out there that describe the traits necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. If you were you to run a search, you would find terms like tenacity, resiliency, perseverance, and risk taking.

As the wife of an entrepreneur, I fully agree that these are indeed necessary traits and skills that will definitely come in handy. But these are traits that are most useful only after the business has been launched. To get to that point you must first be able to visualize how to get what you want in a new and innovative way.


You have to be willing to accept that nothing is impossible. We just haven’t figured out a way to achieve it yet.


3 thoughts on “It’s not cheating, it’s called changing the parameters

    1. I tell myself that he’s going to grow up to create the next big thing, make billions, and take care of his mom and day until the end of their days. There has to be a positive resulting from his obstinacy. Right?


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