The Watch and Wand – Cover Reveal

Once upon a time a mother and daughter went out for a walk. They chatted along the way, mostly about the daughter’s progress on her latest book project which was underway, but was far from done. The mother innocently asked a question about one of the supporting characters.

A year later, the words End of Book Two, were typed on an entirely different book than the one originally planned, but a book that was so much better than that first draft.

For that, all I can say is thanks, mom.

Fifteen years have passed. The future no longer seems as bright. Between a war declared on all but the most basic technology, worldwide economic collapse, and a plague-spurred global panic, governments have collapsed leaving law and order to be defined by those left behind. Stephen knows he should be grateful, but can’t help wishing his life was more than survival.

That was until he met a girl on the run from a group known as the Watch.

Now, caught between rival factions with their own hidden agendas, Stephen has no choice but to go on a mission to reclaim a piece of missing technology.

He is told the device is the key to a better future, but in the new order, one person’s salvation can be another’s total destruction.

Available December 2017. The Watch & Wand (Project Gene Assist Book Two)

I have a few spots remaining for those interested in receiving an advance copy for reviews. Those interested should contact me at allie AT

Want to catch up before the big release?

The Fair & Foul: Project Gene Assist Book One can be found at here

“Allie Potts does a marvelous job of creating a group of characters that even above their arrogant brilliance are still only human. Even when all seems lost, and things are piling up against our heroine, Allie consistently throws in a few surprises with things both fair and foul. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat. Well done, Ms. Potts!”

5 stars! – Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite

47 thoughts on “The Watch and Wand – Cover Reveal

      1. My support network is my biggest help, though they probably don’t appreciate being called tools, so I am going to a say a combination of Excel which I used to create a quota tracker for first drafts and Trello for keeping my supporting monthly goals visually front and center.


    1. 🙂 Typing away a couple pages at a time.

      I do like Trello very much. It’s very simple to use but to get into fancier functions like progress report integrations you have to upgrade. I have a column of priority tasks I have to complete which I review each month and larger goals for the year that I review once a quarter. I regret to I may not achieve all of my year-end stuff, but I’m much closer than I was at the beginning of the year.

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      1. Thanks for the explanation of how you use it. It seems appealing to me, even if I’m a bit of a sloth about To Do lists. I like to see my progress, and Trello might help me do so.

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      1. I know what you mean about the gulp.
        I have several books from blog friends downloaded on my kindle. A couple I’ve had on there for over a year. 😦 But, I’m eager to read yours, so I may just get started on it!

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      2. Eek! Now my panic is even worse. 🙂

        My kindle is the same way. Thank goodness it is a paperwhite and not a fire or my kids would have claimed it and I would have even less time to read.


  1. I like how closely the cover mirrors the first book. Nice theme action you’ve got going on! And I promise to read The Fair & Foul very soon. I’ve got it downloaded, but always seem to have a million books on tap. I either need to read more quickly or more selectively, lol.


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