An Uncertain Faith (A Rocky Row Novel)

An Uncertain Faith

Be careful what you wish for.

Charlotte used to yearn for the life she had before the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood. That was until the day she came home to find her husband and son missing.

Did they leave her, or is there a more dire explanation?

Either answer is terrifying.

Now, Charlotte must decide if she wants to continue to merely daydream about a better future or to take charge of her own life. Along the way she must also solve the mystery of her missing family, deal with the up and downs of running a small business, and decide what it is she really wants.

One woman’s struggle to have and keep it all is a quick paced read for anyone who also often finds themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.


  • 250 pages
  • Paperback A5 Size: ISBN 978-1-312-69780-5
  • Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 Size: ISBN-13 – 978-1503356436 / ISBN-10 – 1503356434
  • ebook:  ASIN: B00PYYB06A

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An Uncertain Faith

The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist Book One)

the-fair-and-foul-cover-hq_02_02Juliane has a supercomputer for a brain and she isn’t afraid to use it.

Maybe she should be.

Juliane Faris is a brilliant programmer determined to change the world through scientific and technical advancement.

Blinded by ambition, she will do whatever it takes to secure her legacy including agreeing to participate in an experimental procedure granting her unprecedented knowledge and cellular control over her body.

It’s a choice that could cost her everything she holds dear –  including her sanity.

The line between biology and technology is blurring.

Set in the not too distant future, and rooted in technology being developed today, The Fair & Foul is earth-based science fiction dealing with the next era of human evolution.

When what seems like magic is only a scientific discovery away, the only question left to ask is are we ready?

  • 320 Pages
  • Paperback 5 x 8 Size: ISBN-13 –  978-0996832007 ISBN-10 – 0996832009
  • ebook: ASIN: B01678T7CU

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The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist #1)

The Watch & Wand (Project Gene Assist Book Two)

“I’d ask if you were ready, but I suppose it is already too late.” 

Fifteen years have passed. The future no longer seems as bright. Between a war declared on all but the most basic technology, worldwide economic collapse, and a plague-spurred global panic, governments have collapsed leaving law and order to be defined by those left behind. Stephen knows he should be grateful, but can’t help wishing his life was more than survival.

That was until he met a girl on the run from a group known as the Watch.

Now, caught between rival factions with their own hidden agendas, Stephen has no choice but to go on a mission to reclaim a piece of missing technology.

He is told the device is the key to a better future.

But in the new order, one person’s salvation can be another’s total destruction.


  • 294 pages
  • Paperback 5 x 8 Size: ISBN-13: 978-0996832014 ISBN-10: 0996832017
  • ebook: ASIN: B07791KJ2Z

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The Watch & Wand (Project Gene Assist Book Two)

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