Project Gene Assist Series

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The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist Book One)

When superhuman abilities are an injection away, the only question left to answer is are you ready?

A source of unlimited clean water, the cure for cancer–these are just some of the secrets researcher and programmer, Juliane Faris, knows humanity could unlock if only they just had access to the right information, and processing information is what Juliane does best.

Partnered with Alan Dronigh, a colleague known for his disregard for convention as much as his achievements, Juliane agrees to link her mind with technology in order to take their experiments to the next level. The procedure promises unprecedented knowledge and bodily command at a cellular level, but when your mind is merged with artificial intelligence, are you really in control?

Juliane has a supercomputer for a brain, and she’s not afraid to use it. She should be.

Rooted in technology developing today, Project Gene Assist and The Fair & Foul will leave you thinking about the next era of human evolution.


  • 320 Pages
  • Paperback 5 x 8 Size: ISBN-13 – 978-0996832052
  • ebook: ASIN: B01678T7CU

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The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist #1)

The Watch & Wand (Project Gene Assist Book Two)

The Watch & Wand -

It was supposed to be a simple supply run, but after the world ends, nothing is ever simple.

Fifteen years have passed since the worldwide economic collapse. A plague-spurred global panic and war declared on all but the most basic technology didn’t help either. Stephen knows he should be grateful to have grown up in isolated safety but can’t help wishing his life was more than survival. That was until he met a girl on the run from a group known as the Watch.

Now, caught between rival factions with their own hidden agendas, Stephen has no choice but to go on a mission to reclaim a piece of missing technology.

He is told the device is the key to a better future, but in the new order, who can you really trust?

If you’ve ever wondered what the next age of human evolution might be like and enjoy coming of age stories with light romance, or epic quests, The Watch & Wand, will keep you turning the pages. You always have a choice. Make the right one.


  • 294 pages
  • Paperback 5 x 8 Size: ISBN-13: 978-0996832014 ISBN-10: 0996832017
  • ebook: ASIN: B07791KJ2Z

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The Watch & Wand (Project Gene Assist Book Two)

Lies & Legacy (Project Gene Assist Book Three) – Coming Soon!

Lies and Legacy Cover

It’s time to finish what they started.

Juliane’s woken to a world she barely recognizes with no memory of the days leading up to her time in cryogenic suspension. Plagued by guilt, Stephen longs to sleep without being haunted by the faces of those he’s lost. Both are seeking more than answers.

The defeat of the Watch has created an opportunity for a new world order to step in and take power. On one side, there are the Sorcerers, a group of super-humans whose abilities come at a terrible price. On the other–genetically modified individuals who are now more beast than man.

Juliane is on a mission to reclaim her legacy.

Stephen is out to save his soul.

Can either stop the upcoming war before it destroys what’s left of humankind? In this struggle for survival of the fittest, they may have to find a way to save themselves first.

On Sale March 26, 2020

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