The Fair & Foul – Review

5 star review

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Fair and Foul by Allie Potts is set in the future where the boundaries between reality and technology are blurred. It is set in the near future where artificial intelligence is very advanced. Juliane Faris is one of those programmers who wants to change the face of technology and how it is being used. She wants to make the human life as efficient as any super computer. In order to make her dreams come true, she agrees to become a part of an experiment which has the potential to change the technological world, but more than that, it has the potential to either make her life better or ruin it. With a power so great, can Juliane keep her mind straight and humane? Or will she lose her humanity for the sake of technology?

Science fiction used to be a genre that I avoided. But for the past few weeks I have been giving it a chance and now it is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I have to say, The Foul and Fair is my favorite so far. The story is crisp, the dialogues are complete, and the plot line is very interesting. I really liked the way Allie Potts introduced Juliane and portrayed her hunger to secure her legacy. I also really liked the way the future was shown through her vivid imagery. Usually, writers make it grim and very disturbing, but I actually kind of liked the future described in this novel. Well deserved five stars for this amazing novel. A great sci-fi read that is not bleak or scary but very interesting and entertaining.