Marketing and Outreach – Now what

Patience has never been my virtue.

Perhaps this is one of the reason I have never followed my husband in his marathon training – I have a difficult time pacing myself. Ok – so my lack of patience is probably the least of my reasons for not running marathons with him, I just can’t get my head around voluntarily running that far when your life didn’t depend upon it.

Since publishing, I’ve launched, been active on goodreads, created a Facebook page, a google+ page, have begun networking in earnest, contacted reviewers, and have even launched a book giveaway contest on goodreads, which you also enter from my events page from this blog. I’ve thrown myself completely into the promotion, promotion, promotion mindset, but will all my efforts be enough?

Unfortunately I won’t find out for sure until the end of the quarter when the retail numbers begin to roll in – a wait that is completely agonizing. I am now having to research ways to de-stress in addition to everything else.

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