Celebrating my first peer review

To say that I was a little nervous when my book was first published would be a bit of an understatement. Not only were my friends and family going to read it, but so were random strangers who might not have my same sense of humor, or pick up on sarcasm in the manner in which I intended. So it was with some trepidation when another blogger and fellow author indicated that she would be willing to write a review.

Well I am happy to report that the review is in and while it might have been nice to see a five star rating, I am extremely satisfied with the four star rating. I rarely give anything a five star rating myself and with her constructive criticism in mind, I can only hope to grow and improve. I want to eventually be great at this after all – not just good, and no one gets there if they aren’t challenged.

I am entering the final days of a book giveaway on goodreads.com. If interested, you can enter directly from this site on my events page. I hope that the winners from that event enjoy An Uncertain Faith too.

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