Getting on the Shelf


Up until now, my strategy with regards to book sales had been nearly completely focused on electronic sales. I had heard so many stories about how difficult it was for the self-published author to get shelf space within the traditional brick and mortar store that it just wasn’t an avenue that I thought would be worth my time to pursue. Besides, I positively adore my e-reader, it is the wave of the future right???

Well e-readers may still be the wave of the future, but the feedback I received from the working mothers I met at the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce (or other online poll results) is anything to go on, I did need to give brick and mortar a second chance.

Luckily my neck of the woods boasts one of state’s, if not nation’s top independent book stores, Quail Ridge Books and Music.

Rather than being blown off, I was invited to sit by the fireplace and pitch my story while I was told about their impressive history, and their fierce independent spirit. As a result I am thrilled to report that by the end of the week, my novel, An Uncertain Faith, will be rubbing bookends with other local authors in their Southern Fiction section.

This store is also known for their numerous author events, so getting on their packed calendar is going to be a goal for 2014.

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