The curse of the LEGO tape and the joy of crowdfunding

The curse of the #LEGO tape and the joy of #crowdfunding - www.alliepottswrites.comDeep in a dark and ancient pyramid, a forbidden chest was opened, and an evil the likes of which had never seen was loosed upon an unsuspecting world (well maybe not an ancient pyramid per se, more like a standard rectangular room, but the lighting back there is poor and the box isn’t allowed to be opened unless a parent is in the room. Okay, so the box’s contents probably aren’t evil, but you can’t say they are entirely good either, so I’m going with it).

It was a plot that would turn dreams into nightmares…It was the curse of the LEGO tape.

It all started innocently enough. It was Spring. Perhaps it was the pollen in the air. Perhaps it was the rising humidity. We may never know the reason. But on this day, the computer was on.

“Kiddo, look what I found.” This as become a rather ominous phrase in my house.

“What is it, dad?”

It’s something called LEGO tape.”

“Coooooooooooool. Can we get it?” Considering I’m pretty sure my son is on a singular quest to collect every single LEGO set ever manufactured, I can only imagine what was going through his head as he watched the video play. You mean I can cover my floors AND my walls in LEGOs? Sign me up!

“Well, you see it’s not yet in stores. They aren’t actually making any yet.”

If our son were a robot, I’m sure he would have said, does not compute. “But the video shows it. Right there.”

“That’s just a prototype. This is a crowdfunding site. They are asking money to make more and the people who give them money now will be the first to get the tape when it goes into production.” My husband launched a business several years ago and has a soft spot for others taking the plunge. Therefore, I can excuse the enthusiasm he projects when discussing entrepreneurialism with our children, but it can be contagious.

“Can we give them money?”

“Sure. Why not?” Why not? Is there another question in the English language that deserves more to go unasked?


“Have they shipped my LEGO tape?”

“Not yet. I don’t think it was supposed to be ready until this summer.”


“Have they shipped my LEGO tape?”

“Not yet. Be patient.”


“Have they shipped my LEGO tape?”

“Not yet. They probably ran into a production delay. That happens sometimes.”


“Have they shipped my LEGO tape?”

“Not yet.” At this point you might be realizing my summer devolved into an extended version of the whole, ‘Are we there yet?’ question, which is the second most deserving question to go unasked.

You’d be right.

Still August

affiliate link – go ahead and click it if you are interested. Yes, it is this simple to find in stores.

“We just need to pop into the toy store to pick up a present for your friend’s party this weekend.”

“Okay, mom.”

“Oh, my gosh. Is that what I think that is?”

“It’s LEGO tape. But I thought I was supposed to get it before the stores.”

“Er, I thought so too. Maybe it’s another brand or something.” To be fair, there are now a number of variants in the marketplace. Who knew LEGO tape would have such fierce competition? Maybe had we known, we might not have been so quick to back the product, but those are the risks you take in crowdfunding. It’s also a good reminder to always do your due diligence on any investment.

Yep, still August

“I’m never going to get my LEGO tape.”

“I know you’re disappointed, but things like this happen sometimes. It’s in the stores now. We can get it for your birthday if we have to.”


“Hey Kiddo, you got an email from the company. They’ve apologized for the delay. Your LEGO tape is coming. There’s even a tracking number.”

“It’s going to get lost in the mail. I just know it.” Kiddo has a legitimate reason to worry. Our local post office is notorious for missed shipments and delayed deliveries. His disappointment would only be made worse after the build-up of the summer-long waiting game.

The next day


The day after that


I have to say I grew somewhat troubled by the fact that Kiddo had stopped asking whether the LEGO tape had shipped. Would his very first experience with crowdfunding go on to be his last? He’d been so eager to be a part of something bigger than himself, especially if it resulted in more LEGOs.

After seeing how high his hopes had flown, I hated to see them plummet like this, but this was one of those times that I couldn’t kiss a boo-boo and make it better. He’d taken a risk. It hadn’t worked out. Not everything he tries in life will be a success. He might as well learn to accept that now so he can focus on the positive side. As much as I wish it didn’t hurt so much at the moment, it is our failures that make us appreciate our later successes all the more.

We moved on. We started planning his birthday list.

I received a text from my husband one evening. “LEGO tape came in. He’s a little excited.”

The kids met me at the door and brought me to their rooms, eager to show off what they’d done already. You might have mistaken a day in late September as Christmas morning. If my husband entrepreneurial enthusiasm is infections, it has nothing on the joy that is knowing a child’s wish has come true.

The curse of the LEGO tape -
What to get when you don’t want your feet to be the only body part injured during nighttime check-ins


32 thoughts on “The curse of the LEGO tape and the joy of crowdfunding

  1. I’m reading this, and thinking, “I need to share this with my husband.” And a part of me is afraid to. You’re never too old to enjoy playing with legos. My girls will like this too. I’ll keep it a secret from them for the time being in case we get it for them as a gift. But, wow, what a fabulous idea someone came up with. Surprised I’d never heard of it before. Classic example of good things coming to those who wait. Glad your boys are so thrilled!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are definitely never too old. My son used to allow me to help him build his sets with him after birthdays and Christmas, but I have since been relegated to brick color sorter for maximum build efficiency.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s actually experienced capitalism before through various attempts at a neighborhood lemonade stand, but this was the first time he got to experience being an investor rather than a worker/owner.


      1. 🙂 I’ve had my fair share of profanities mumbled under my breath while hopping on one foot, hoping not to land on another piece of planted LEGO (you have to admit, when it happens, it feels like your kids did it on purpose, a bit like leaving land mines around to rest in peace!)


    1. I know! If you asked him, I suspect he’d tell you he’d been waiting for years rather than months. Poor little thing.

      Those diabolical minds at LEGO, always coming up with something else. Just when you think you have every police and rescue vehicle they introduce the jungle collection.

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  2. How very cool! There is nothing as torturous as waiting, especially when you are a kid! I am impressed by your kid’s ability to wait it out. One thing they do learn by hair-pullingly long waiting times is patience, and while not rewarding as it’s happening, when looking back on it, it is a teachable moment and a great lesson! (For better or for worse!)


  3. Lego tape is cool beans. I’m glad that you eventually got what you ordered, and that your children learned a subtle lesson about taking a risk. It can pay off, but it often takes time for it to happen. Life doesn’t always bend to your will.

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  4. My only experience with crowdfunding was to support a local record shop raising money to repair a leaky roof. I got two beverage glasses with their logo for my investment, one of which promptly broke. But at least rain is no longer dripping onto their merchandise, so I figure it was money well spent.

    Lego tape, huh? Sounds like just the type of thing I’d have coveted at his age, too.


    1. I’ve supported a struggling author’s book as I was going to buy it the second it came out on ebook anyway and a tv show pilot (I got stickers for that one, but I don’t think it got picked up). So far the tape has worked as advertised giving him a third dimension of clutter in his room.


  5. Lego tape, huh. I’m too grown up for that, of course, much like I was too grown up to swoon at the Piece for Peace exhibition of Lego in Singapore recently. As for standing on Lego, well I believe there is a category of killing – legocide – that is specifically aimed at murders of people who leave lego lying around – it comes with a solid defence (which you build yourself) and comfy footwear

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  6. Thank you. Now my kids want this. (Also, I want it so there are tiny people walking up my walls in the living room. It will be “art” and people will think I’m wicked cool.)

    Oh, and this should be the advertisement for it:

    “What to get when you don’t want your feet to be the only body part injured during nighttime check-ins.”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was only the once and I’m more aware now. The tape amused me immensely during the following night’s story time as Kiddo is expected to read aloud for 20 minutes, which is great, but he’s taken after his dad for genre preference.

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    1. It’s been on the wall for several days now. The end of one strip is curling away but that is likely applicator error as my niece placed that strip then changed her mind more than once.

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  7. I WANT SOME! Oh, wait, that wasn’t the point of this post, was it? Uh, great post. So glad your kid is happy. (I had children so I could buy toys. Now that they’re big, what’ll I do?)

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