Greetings from the edge

My manuscript for Uncertain Confidence is back from the editor and filled with red ink. I’m just shy of the half-way mark on the first draft of the next book in my Project Gene Assist series, school (complete with homework and scouting) resumes next week, and because apparently, I’ve lost my mind somewhere along the way, I’ve accepted new responsibilities at work.

So with all that going on, what do I do?

I get the heck out of Dodge, that’s what.

So greetings from the edge and the area where the land meets the sea. I’m not getting much of anything done, but that is exactly what a vacation is meant to be.

The wine is excellent, but the food even better. It’s difficult to write a post when there’s little reason to be inside – especially considering the beauty that is the weather.

Morning rises up from the ocean depths
Moon floating high above the waves
Her Royal Highness – exhausted after a day of swimming

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