Finding the time to write – the story continues

I’ve been blogging a lot recently about my efforts to better understand the world of book sales after publishing; research which might have been beneficial to do several months ago rather than the trial by fire that is selling anything between Thanksgiving and New Year. However as much as I share what I am learning, the post that continues to gain the most amount of views remains on the topic split between how I managed to get anything written in the first place between day job with two kids and National Novel Writing Month.

I can’t tell for certain exactly which of the two topics is of greater interest, so I’ll touch on both.

No, I did not participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge. I was still too close to the characters and story from my initial work to attempt to grind something out in such a sort time – nor would my children have let me spend so much time in the office. There were emergencies that needed to be attended too RIGHT NOW such as the crisis of the missing Lego City Fire Truck door, the milk shortage of Small Business Saturday, and the sit down strike against wearing warm winter coats even when it is 40 F outside.

I did however complete my plot map for my next project along with a whooping 4953 (you read that correctly) words which I am hoping to finish by mid/late Spring if I can remain focused. Could I have finished out a nice round 5000 words? Possibly, but more than likely a majority of those 47 words would have been mom,mom,momma,mom.

Unfortunately this time I won’t have a nice long sabbatical to maximize. Instead I will just have to find the time elsewhere as I am able. Luckily at least one kid still takes a nap and the other has befriended the kid next store. Thank goodness also for Netflix streaming. Now that Breaking Bad is off the air and the Walking Dead is on break, I should be able to ignore the TV for days. Now if I can only find time to squeeze in my holiday shopping…