Gaining Reviews – The Quest Continues

One of the tips sent to me on soliciting reviews when you are self publishing was to join the author program with Up until very recently I was unaware of this site, but I am happy that other bloggers were helpful enough to suggest it as an option. I have joined the groups and have already gained some traction from interested parties. I have heard that some authors view other writers as the competition, and I have to admit that until I had a project ready to send to an editor I was very nervous about sharing it – worried that I would be discouraged by the success of others. Obviously in storefronts we are competing for limited shelf space, but I am glad to see that there is a huge community out there willing to help offer advice for us newbies.

I am looking forward to a future where I too might be able to help another struggling new author. If the statistics are anything to trust, there should be a fair number of us out there.


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