Supporting other indie authors!

The Zombie AxiomGoodreads has a number of groups which are free to join, and I happened upon a group called Pure Indie Promotion. The rules are simple: A group member’s work is selected for promotion, then all group members do what they can to help improve the visibility of this work in the hopes that their work might be selected next. I am more than happy to do my part as it is very difficult to get noticed when there are so many other books out there with larger marketing budgets than available to most indie authors.

This week the group is featuring a book called The Zombie Axiom by David Monette ( Halloween might be over, but I still enjoy the occasional zombie fix (unfortunately I missed The Walking Dead this week) and this book has alien’s to boot! I am adding this book to my rapidly expanding “to read” shelf, and may review it at a later date.

Did you know that there is a real risk of a zombie epidemic rooted in science? It seems that there is a bacteria that infects and takes over the bodily functions of a caterpillar, causing them to climb high up into the tree top where their bodies dissolve until they ultimately plummet back down to the ground in a pile of goo, repeating the process by infecting healthy hosts. For the other comic book nerds out there, think of Venon from Spiderman. You get the idea.

Could you have gone your entire life without knowing this? Probably.

Should we be worried that the bacteria could evolve and impact more developed organisms? Maybe.

Want to think about something else now? Should you pick up a book by an indie author to read? Definitely.

If you are an indie author, and if you help promote my book, I’ll help promote yours.

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