Vacation all I ever wanted

Cardiff, Wales
Me, going to some extreme measures to keep from checking my email in Cardiff, Wales

Facebook. As much as I try to limit the time I spend on the site, it always seems to find a way to pull me back in. “Allie, we really think you would like to see these memories,” it offered. Beneath the friendly banner was a handful of photographs we’d taken from a trip to the UK three years ago. We’d been so smug at the time, sharing the pictures with friends and family stuck at work while we hopped between pubs and historic sites. Look at the adventure we are having. Don’t you wish you were us? Had I only known then how the images would come back to haunt me later.

It was a stark reminder I haven’t taken a vacation since last November. Sure, I’ve taken the occasional ‘me’ day, and extended weekend at my parents’ house, but I haven’t taken a vacation. A real vacation. And I am beginning to suspect that all that work with no play may be beginning to have an effect on my outlook.

I’m taking a few days off to recharge my batteries, so if I am less prompt in returning comments or otherwise responding to social media, this is why. Don’t worry, I can only stay away from the real world for so long and I look forward to sharing some new stories with you when I return.

In the meantime you can help me out by clicking on the non-partisan and completely non-binding poll below and voting for your favorite working title (listed in no particular order) for my current work in process, the sequel to The Fair & Foul:

Not knowing anything at all about the story, other than I wrote it, do any capture your attention at a glance? If none of them do, feel free to suggest alternates. I’ll consider write-ins provided they are better than Boaty McBoatface, which why memorable, isn’t exactly in line with the style of the series.



34 thoughts on “Vacation all I ever wanted

    1. Thanks! And thanks for participating in the poll. I can already tell I am glad I put it out there.

      I wish I was going to So Cal, but we’re sticking somewhat close to home this time (yet still far enough to feel like I’ve gotten away). I will however definitely let you know the next time I plan to come out that way.

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  1. Enjoy your time away, Allie – I hope you come back feeling refreshed 🙂 I did vote in the poll, I quite liked Ripples of Legacy though, not having yet read your book (it’s on my TBR list!), I was going entirely on instinct.

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  2. A vacation need not be extravagant to be memorable. A few days of camping, coupled with time spent with friends can be all that is needed to reinvigorate one’s life. It’s the absenting ourselves from the daily routine that is the key. Happy vacation! 🙂

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  3. So I think keep the title in line with the first book so your fair and foul title but your first book is call THE fair and foul so I say

    The fair and foul legacy

    As opposed to the option you provide with A fair and foul legacy

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    1. The only story is that I was in such need for time off that I used the word haunt when taunt was more appropriate. Funny enough the survey is thus far proving how bad I am at titles as my personal favorite is not in the leader board.


      1. Ha! Interesting. I’ll even go so far as to say my top three picks perfectly match the poll results so far. Then again, when it comes to my own titles, you said – like my family – that “Stabbing Nature” was better than what I chose. Maybe authors overthink their own titles too much?

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  4. Have a wonderful rest, Allie 🙂
    I’ve been slacking for the last month, when it comes to blogging — just a little. Either I’ve been working on formatting my next book (now both versions ready for uploading and checking through, plus ordering the proof copy of the paperback), or I’ve been gardening, or being more sociable than usual!
    Have had full blog sabbaticals in the past, too, but think I can keep juggling the balls and keep things ticking over. It’s all a question of balance. I’ve not had a vacation for 22 years, apart from visiting my daughter, who lives on a very pretty island. The thought of long journeys really daunts me, especially if it involves overcrowded trains or airports!

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    1. Ugh. I loathe the transit process too. Love the destinations, hate the getting there. My plan is to be back shortly rather than take a sabbatical. I worry too much about falling out of good habits.

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  5. Yay to recharging batteries. I’m doing the same but haven’t alerted anyone online. I don’t think they’ve noticed. Though, admittedly, it’s not as much a break as a slower pace. Well, enjoy your time off. Will vote in the poll. Or write in Goaty McGoatface. See you soon. Ish. 🙂

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    1. Well played Sarah, well played. I suspect Goaty McGoatface would gain quite a following.

      I had noticed 🙂 my Tuesday Twitter games have been sadly lacking as have my Sunday thought bubbles.

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      1. My Sunday Thought Bubbles are being saved up for after the start-of-school-I’m-going-crazy madness. Summer is busy enough. September is nuts. Hey, I should start a Goaty McGoatface twitter account and see how many followers it gets. Just for shits and giggles. 🙂

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      2. You’d have this follower!

        Yeah – That’s probably a wise strategy. My Sunday thought bubbles lately have been along the lines of whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy and noooooooooo and please please bring me a cookie.


      3. I didn’t know you wrote Sunday thought bubbles! O_o How have I missed this?! I’ve been doing those for years. Yes, I know the “Whhhhyyyyyy!” and definitely wouldn’t turn down cookies.

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      4. No fretting or encroaching or turf wars (Nerf wars are okay, though), just didn’t know how I missed them here. We’ll have to think up an alternative for Goaty McGoatface.


    1. I wasn’t being rude. I just expected a whole lot better from a country that prides itself on its dry wit and humor.

      Nearly there now. 60K+ words with only a few (rather major) plot holes to fill before I will say this first draft is complete.

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      1. Maybe you need to be English to understand the joke. It wasn’t that the name good; it was that a serious scientific organisation would have to call it’s flag ship that. If was a case of if you ask a silly question … Glad to hear the book is coming on.


      2. Oh, I got the joke just fine, however, I still maintain that name is lazy thinking. I only take issue with the redundant use of Boat in the name. 🙂 You could have named it Boaty McBottlesworth or, even better, Tug Ferryington.

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