The Pokemon Exchange and one elementary success

The #Pokemon Exchange and one #elementary #success - www.alliepottswrites.comIt was a quiet morning. This was most unusual as it was also my turn to escort my kids as well as two of their school aged cousins to the bus stop. Now normally, I would have soothed at least one tear fest, brokered a toy sharing deal that would make a UN negotiator proud, or cleaned up someone’s accident by this point, but none of this had happened. I was immediately suspicious.

I found my eldest, Kiddo and his cousin, Casimir, deep into discussions in the center of our den. Sipping my coffee, I carefully approached, stopping close enough to listen in to the conversation, but far enough away as to not alert them to my attention. The green folder laying next to them coupled with an open white box told me all I needed to know. The source of my peaceful morning was none other than Pokemon.

My brothers, who are a wee bit younger than me, were told under the most severe threats of doom not to discuss Pokemon with my kids. I’d seen the madness that was their individual collections first hand. I’d heard their conversations with my stepmom about rare species and evolved forms. My ears had suffered under the constant refrain of the cartoon’s theme song once before. Not in my house, I’d decried.

But then the unthinkable happened. Pokemon Go became a thing,

Okay, Allie, I told myself, no need to panic. Kiddo doesn’t have a phone or anything (or at least he didn’t at the time). He’s not going to get sucked into playing the app.

And he didn’t. Something even worse happened. Some kid on the bus gave him and his cousin a few trading cards. The kid thought it was no big deal. After all, the cards were his or her duplicates and being apparently a nice well-meaning child, the kid simply wanted to share. Darn you public school system on your new emphasis on empathy, inclusion, and anti-bullying behavior!

Trading card the Pokemon Exchange on
Catching them all together truly presents a challenge

Before I knew it, three cards became ten, which somehow continued to multiply to twenty to fifty. Kiddo, as sympathetic as the child on the bus, wanted to share his good fortune with his brother, LT. LT was delighted and their joint collection grew further. Despite my best efforts, I was forced to accept that Pokemon mania had taken root in my house. Reluctantly I raised the white flag.

My stepmom, who is likely overjoyed at the chance to de-clutter her house, was kind enough to divide my brother’s collection into boxes for each of the kids, leaving it up to them to broker individual trades later, which was exactly what Kiddo and Casimir were in the process of doing that morning.

Deal done, Casimir proudly announced to his sister, my niece, Xena that he had secured ten new cards all for a single rare whatsityacallit. Xena looked at the cards in his hands. Her eyes grew wide. “I want ten cards!” she declared rushing into the den where Kiddo still remained.

“Okay,” Kiddo nodded like a retail proprietor, “what will you trade?”

“I want ten cards,” Xena stated again.

“What are you going to trade for them?” Kiddo repeated.

“Trade?” She batted her eyelashes.

“Yeah. Casimir gave me a whatsityacallit. I will give you ten cards, but you have to give me a rare card. That’s a trade.”

“But I want them soooooo badly,” Xena replied.

I took another large gulp of my coffee as way of fortifying myself against whatever tantrum was sure to follow.

“I can give you one card, but I won’t give you ten unless you trade me for it.” Kiddo offered, diffusing the explosive situation. I supposed I might have interceded at this point, but if Kiddo wanted to be generous with his collection and we avoided a melt-down I was all for it. Bless that child.

Xena scanned his collection. Grinning from ear to ear she proudly held out her newest card for all the world to see as we made our way to the bus stop.

Now when I first observed this entire exchange, I thought the lesson worth sharing here was that no one will simply give you what you want just because you state you want it. You have to do the work. You have to make the trade. But now that I’ve written it all out, I realize that while my niece didn’t secure the ten cards she requested, she still managed to leave with more than she started out with, and at no personal cost. All she had to do was simply state her intended desire at the right place, right time, and most importantly of all to the right person.

My niece may have a future on Wall Street.

So I guess the lesson here is this – while doing the work certainly helps achieve an exponentially greater result, if you openly announce your goal, others are more likely to help you on your path to success (however you define the word).

To that end, (and those who know me understand how hard this next part is for me to do) I am announcing that in addition to writing books, I also offer design services including logo design, covers, and book formatting, because apparently writing books, being a mom, and working full-time leaves me with free time in need of filling (yes, I also think my head needs examination). You can check out samples of my work at Logo and Book Design Services. While I do use stock art, depending on budget, I can also offer a quote with custom photography or illustration and I’d love the opportunity to discuss a project with you.

May your goals for the new year be equally successful.


33 thoughts on “The Pokemon Exchange and one elementary success

  1. Hmm. I did not realize you were a designer, as well. Since I have zero skill in that department and will be needing a book cover sometime next year, I might have to look you up!

    I remember when my kids were into Pokemon. Seems like a lifetime ago. I guess it’s true what they say, that everything old is new again.


    1. I was on a technical marketing team for awhile in my other life so I am hoping I can put that experience back to good use. I really like the idea of helping other authors.

      Yeah I know, it is crazy that Pokemon is back. So are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Danger Mouse. It is like Revenge of the late 80s/early 90s. At least I hear that Hollywood has chosen not to move forward with the Goonies sequel or Breakfast Club remake after all, so some things are still sacred.

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  2. This is a great story with an ending I didn’t anticipate, yet makes so much sense. I like your niece! Best of luck with your intended desire. Such a cool business to get into as a new year approaches.


    1. She is a girl who not only knows what she wants, she knows exactly to get it. We are afraid. We (especially my brother-in-law, already thinking of her teenage years) are very afraid.

      And thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m hoping so too. If only my middle school art teacher could see me now. I told him back then that I was interested in computer based art and distinctly remember him telling me there was no future in it. I guess we are about to find out who was right.


    1. Oh I am so relieved you think so. Between putting books out there and now some sample designs for all to see, I am feeling a little exposed at the moment, so thank you so very much for the encouragement.


  3. Nice, on all levels. Wishing you well with your new venture. I’m trying to get a logo for my new business sorted, attempting to do it myself, and discovering what I want in my head does not transition into a logo – yet! It’s not as easy as I thought.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah it is funny how that works. Thinking up things for other people is easier for me than for myself, likely because I know too much about myself and the whole scope of what I want to accomplish rather than focusing on a single core idea.

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  4. I do not understand the lure of Pokemon. Never have. My kids were never into that so I am thankful. (It’s the small things, sometimes.) Sounds as if they are well into negotiations…good on them. O_o

    Yes! Your design business. Happy day! Glad you’re announcing this and I see you’ve updated the page since I last looked. 🙂 Will be emailing about designs.

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  5. Did you…. No…… You couldn’t have actually mentioned that you…WAIT YOU DID….
    *Gasps* *sniffle* *wipes tear* so proud. So very freaking proud. Now do this EVERY POST FOREVER MORE. Not actually joking.

    So I was JUST by the skin of my teeth around at a youthful enough age for pokemon to be a thing when it first launched. I remember it. I played it. I am trying not to be ashamed of it. SO glad I did not go anywhere near pokemon Go! Good luck with the brokering, I could learn a thing or two from your niece. Totally impressed with the segway into the design bidness! Top marks maestro.

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    1. I was twitchy for a full 24 hrs after posting this. I decided to focus my thoughts on that trading card I mocked up instead. It amused me.

      So LT is going to rule the world, which will be a task made easier with my niece on his team.


    1. I must have heard them say its name at least a dozen times during the exchange and yet my mental filter of all things Pokemon managed to stay firmly in place. All I know was it was a EX series card.

      And thank you!

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  6. Lacking the money and projects for your design skills, I’ll simply send a lot of good vibes your way. And if I hear of anyone looking, you’ll be the first I refer them to! Good luck on this newest life venture!!!


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