Author Interviews -Allie Potts @alliepottswrite #AmWriting #Writer

The extremely entertaining Lucy Mitchell from BlondeWriteMore was kind enough to invite me to sit in the big red chair as part of her weekly Author Interview Series.Thank you again Lucy! I hope you enjoy the virtual cheese platter I am sending your way.


Author Interviews-2

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.

Every Saturday I get to interview inspiring authors who let me into theircreative world. I get to hear how they overcame tough literary challenges, the highlights from their book writing journey and their answer to the big literary question – what do they wear whilst working on their literary masterpieces?

This week I am joined by author and blogger Allie Potts. She describes herself as a ‘writer, geek and a constant self improver.’ I read her book ‘An Uncertain Faith’ last year and struggled to put it down, so she has been on my authorhit listfor sometime.

I do love Allie’s Twitter profile which reads ‘my Twitter activity may sometimes seem all over the place, but that is just how my mind works.’ This reminds me of how I approach Twitter.

Please welcome Allie Potts!

1. Hey Allie…

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