A celebration five years in the making

A celebration five years in the making - www.alliepottswrites.comLT woke to the sounds of his family singing. He grinned a sleepy grin as he stretched underneath the covers, rubbing eyes which weren’t quite as ready to wake up. This was it. His birthday. His fifth birthday. It was the culmination of every wish he’d held most dear since, well . . . since the last one.

If you’d asked him, he likely would have told you that mommy and daddy had tricked him this time last year. Other than dropping the guard rails from his bed, four hadn’t been nearly the magical age that they’d led him to believe. He still wasn’t big enough to cross the street unattended. Or go on the big kid bus to the elementary school. Or do any number of things that he felt were his due.

But five. Five was going to be different. He just knew it.

Still grinning his sleepy grin, LT made his way into the bathroom he shared with his brother, Kiddo, only to stop in front of the colorful staircase that led to his toothbrush at the bathroom sink. He looked to his father. “I don’t need the stairs anymore daddy,” he announced. “I’m a big boy now.”

His father, always the one most likely to indulge the boys, pulled the steps away while answering “Is that so?”

LT grinned again and approached the sink fully expecting that somehow in the middle of the night his arms and legs would have stretched to lengths more fitting of a boy of his new maturity. He reached. And reached. And reached. And yet the faucet remained stubbornly just beyond his fingers’ touch.

“How about we use the steps, just a little bit longer,” his father suggested.

This minor setback was not enough to spoil his mood. At breakfast, LT’s grin might have been seen from space if it weren’t for the kitchen’s ceiling. “I’m five. I’m going to graduate [from preschool],” he proudly announced to his brother in between spoonfuls of cereal.

“Not until this summer, honey,” his mother corrected him. “Soon.” She gave him a squeeze. “But not too soon.”

LT took another mouthful as he chewed on this latest development.

His Nana came to visit that evening, an event that also meant pizza and even more presents. LT, having already enjoyed a cupcake or two at preschool that afternoon, bounced from room to room high on sugary treats and greasy goodness, scattering wrapping paper with abandon. It was his day and he would do whatever he wanted. Or so he thought.

“It’s bedtime.”

LT interpreted the announcement to mean, ‘it’s time to build a blanket waterfall/fort.’

“Bedtime. Now.”

LT threw himself on the stairs in a fit, his body flopping into the same limp dead weight mastered by children around the world in protest at the merest threat that he might be carried to his room like the baby, he knew, he was no longer. Like that, LT’s birthday was over.

There was nothing written on the calendar the following day, a fact that should have meant that life had returned to normal. Gifts were put away. Preschool would resume its regular routine. By all accounts, the day should have been entirely unworthy of note. LT, however, chose not to view the new day that way.

Turning to his mother, he echoed the words uttered unbeknownst to him by one of his cousins the year before, “and now I’m almost six,” proving that while even the best days may include a disappointment or two, and the ordinary days, potentially, even more, there is always something to celebrate as long as you think positively.

The Fair & FoulLT’s big day wasn’t the only one to receive presents last week. I’m pleased to announce that my science fiction/cyberpunk novel, The Fair & Foul – Project Gene Assist Book One, has been gifted with a new cover, and the finalization of the cover of its sequel is not far behind.

And for those who enjoyed my Women’s Fiction/Cozy Mystery novel, An Uncertain Faith, here’s what I hope will be a present for you – I’m on track to finish the first draft of its sequel by the end of March, meaning I may have not one, but two potential book launches in my immediate future.

Like LT and his quest to ride the big kid bus, or even reach the bathroom sink unassisted, I know I still have a number of milestones still left to achieve before any of this can happen, but at least I know I am closer now than I was the day before, and that’s reason enough for me to celebrate.

42 thoughts on “A celebration five years in the making

      1. One time I was on a Course and the leader stopped in mid flow and said ‘you know I’ve worked out what it is. You’re half man, half Labrador. I just had seen the tail wagging..’ and now I’m eeyore. How the mighty have fallen, huh!!

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  1. Think how perfect it’ll be next year to give LT the book “Now We Are Six.” Go Winnie! The cover of your book is awesome. I’m intrigued about the story just looking at it. Nicely done.

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    1. Oh my goodness, I forgot about that one. What a perfect suggestion. LT loves his books almost as much as he loves his monkeys, waterfalls, and volcanoes. He’d love that one.

      And thanks!


    1. Thank you! It was party central here for the past week so it is taking us all a little time to get used to not having cake after dinner.

      Thanks also for the read which I found fascinating. Part of the reason for the cover change was to make the genre clearer so hopefully the bots do judge it, and judge it correctly.

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  2. Five is a cute age to be. It’s funny how keen most of us are to escape our childhoods and then how wistfully we remember them and wish we could go back to them. He’s so lucky to have a whole year of being five! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. 🙂

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  3. LURRRRRRRRVE THE COVER. Such a talented soul you.

    Hilarious on the birthday. I love the way kids minds works. Baby black is coming out with some corkers at the moment. Haven’t laughed so much in years.

    His personal fave seems to be telling the childminder this as he walks out the door at the end of the day…

    “Thanks Pauline, keep the change”
    😂😂😂😂 kills me, every time! Oh the ego!


  4. Do we stop feeling that way? Because, I mean, seriously. I never want to go to the dentist or return to work the day after my birthday. It’s just wrong.

    Well, Happy (belated) Birthday, little one! 🙂 And I LOVE your new cover. I had seen it on your blog a few days ago. It’s awesome. And congrats on the writing news! Very happy to hear that.

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    1. I take mine off completely as if it is a holiday the rest of the world has yet to recognize, so I totally get where he is coming from.

      Thanks! I love the new cover too. Can’t wait to share the sequel’s.

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  5. Adorable story! Happy 5th Birthday to LT! And the cover of your book looks great! I don’t know how I had missed either of your books before but The Fair & Foul sounds right up my street! I just hunted it down on amazon, I’ll no doubt be bugging you for a sequel soon! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much on both counts! LT had a wonderful birthday. Unfortunately, I am now afraid I may have set the birthday party bar a little too high for the next one.

      And yes, please feel free to bug me anytime you want. It’s a lot easier to jump into full-scale editing mode when I know I have readers waiting. I really hope you enjoy it.

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