Be grateful for the little things… even if they have six legs

My house sits on a partially wooded lot, which comes in handy when the leaves begin to fall. Most of the time we can get away with merely pushing the leaves into the natural area and occasionally running them over with our mulching lawn mower. Unfortunately the leaves aren't the only things that fall. Often, … Continue reading Be grateful for the little things… even if they have six legs

Always earned, never given

This weekend, we traveled to Washington DC as my husband was participating once again in the Marine Corps Marathon. Last year it had been a challenge to entertain my boys on my own for those several hours. This year, my mom offered to join us. I gratefully accepted thinking, reinforcements have arrived! The race finishes in Arlington … Continue reading Always earned, never given

No thanks required

The weather is finally beginning to transition from the scalding heat of summer into more comfortable temperatures, and at my house that means that running season has once again begun. The hubby's more casual runs have taken on a more desperate urgency as he trains to participate once again in the Marine Corp Marathon. He's … Continue reading No thanks required