Happiness and Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I remember my very first performance review. I had sat nervously at my desk waiting to be called into my manager's office, feeling very much like a student asked to meet with the principal. I watched as a colleague exited signaling that it was my turn. My boss slid a piece a paper toward me detailing … Continue reading Happiness and Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Law and Order: Snowman Victims Unit

As mentioned previously, US Southerners do not handle snow well. The mere threat can send entire cities into chaos. In my hometown we usually see one or two winter storms per year consisting of the occasional flurry, but freezing rain is more the norm. This year we saw several storms back to back. The snow … Continue reading Law and Order: Snowman Victims Unit

Thanksgiving away from home – what could be better?

I considered myself fortunate. We were traveling for Thanksgiving, meaning I wasn't going to have to cook (a good thing for all involved - just ask my hubby sometime about my poultry cooking skills). I didn't have to clean. All I was expected to do was to enjoy time with my family. Silly me. I … Continue reading Thanksgiving away from home – what could be better?

Imperfections can be lifesavers

While in college, I took an introduction course into nuclear engineering. As part of the class, we visited a small reactor owned and operated by the university. Within the facility stood a deep tank filled with water required for regulating the reaction. The entire tank was illuminated by a series of lights embedded in its walls making the … Continue reading Imperfections can be lifesavers

Megan Cyrulewski on Dancing in Puddles

A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I looked to see who other the nominees were. I was not surprised to see that one of these was Megan Cyrulewski. Since her blog launched, Megan has routinely supported authors by featuring numerous author interviews on her site. I was … Continue reading Megan Cyrulewski on Dancing in Puddles