A confident sailor’s message and my restless confessions

I lay awake. An oscillating creaky noise, reminiscent of a boat too long in the water, stretching moldy tie lines as it swayed from side to side, prevented me from finding the rest I needed. I shifted my position, but no matter how or where I moved, I couldn't eliminate the sound. It was a quiet … Continue reading A confident sailor’s message and my restless confessions

It’s all relative

I was honored to present the following on The North Raleigh Rotary Club's family day. In high school, one of my English teachers gave us a creative writing assignment. We were to pick any literary classic and re-write it as a modern retelling. I thought there had been enough adaptations of stories like Romeo and … Continue reading It’s all relative

A House of Cards

Over the last several days, my world has revolved around poop. Or more specifically the complete lack of it. My little lord tyrant has once again been suffering from a blockage in his lower tract, a chronic problem stemming from a combination of his hypermobility and the logic-defying, adamantium clad will of a stubborn three-year-old. He … Continue reading A House of Cards