A tale of fright and fate on one crazy night

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I’ve written before about my family’s Friday night routine. How we typically crank up the music and dance like no one is watching. But not this past Friday. No, this past Friday was not our typical Friday at all.

It all started earlier in the week. Kiddo complained that his stomach hurt. A kid had accidentally kicked him earlier that day. Boys, I sighed to myself while I took a look. His skin was red and swollen ever so slightly. “Did you get bitten by an ant or something?” I asked Kiddo, not really expecting an answer. The raised area was larger than the typical mosquito bite, but then again it was located near his waist line. His clothing could easily have irritated it to a larger size, especially if he was scratching it, but it looked more like a larger insect bite.

“I did see an ant on my tummy,” Kiddo advised. “It could have gotten stuck.”

After Kiddo went to bed that night, I looked up images of fire ant and poisonous spider bites as well as medical articles their associated effects on children. An ant bite can result in a rash in some children for up to a week one article said. Another said three days. Another said to consult your child’s physician. It was the usual mixed of contrary information. We decided to simply monitor bite for the next few days, treating it with a mix of hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl.

The following day, the bite still looked ugly. The surrounding raised area seemed to have grown smaller, but the bump in the center had grown larger as if troops of bad news under the skin were amassing for a larger assault. However, because there had been at least some positive change, we decided to monitor and treat at home for another day.

Friday rolled around. The bump now appeared like an epidermal volcano compared to the flat plane that is typically Kiddo’s abdomen. Lamont would take Kiddo to the doctor’s office. I expected a phone call to say that they’d given him a steroid shot or something of that nature, thinking that it had to be an allergic reaction. It was not.

Instead, I received a call from Lamont. “We’re going to the emergency room.”

That bump proved to be a golf ball sized abscess (and not a bite at all) and required immediate treatment involving light surgery. My mind instantly went into pure what if panic mode. “What should I do?” I asked while my mind desperately sought a lifeline to cling to. I wanted to be there, but what about my other son? An ER is no place for my 4yo.

“I’m with him,” answered Lamont. “You, take care of LT.”

“If he has to stay overnight, I’m staying with him,” I informed Lamont, although I wasn’t yet sure how we’d manage the child swap. Either Lamont would have to leave Kiddo and meet me at the house or I’d have to somehow find someone to watch LT, last-minute, on a Friday night. Then it hit me. My dad, stepmom, and brother were spending the evening with us. We’d set it up weeks ago. My other brother was moving into his new place and our house was to serve as a hotel.

My dad’s other title is Doctor and my stepmom’s is Nurse.

My dad’s first question upon arrival was, “would you like me to go to the hospital?” He looked at my face. “Or should I ask, do you want to go to the hospital?”

“We are happy to stay with LT,” my stepmom added. “Whatever you need.”

Just knowing that had options was a balm to my nerves in and of itself. LT rounded the corner, just as frantically hyper in activity as were my thoughts just seconds before. A three to one adult to child ratio might not be enough to contain him in this state. I realized there was little I could offer in the hospital room beyond what Lamont was already providing. The procedure could well be over before I even arrived. “I’ll stay here for now,” my logical side ultimately decided. “But if anything changes, I’m going immediately.”

My dad continued to rattle off a slew of medical questions and terms as the time progressed. My brother asked if I understood anything our father was saying. He laughed when I shook my head. He hadn’t either. And like that, things began to feel, if not more normal, at least more manageable.

We continued talking in between updates from Lamont, the conversation keeping the worst of my what if fears at bay. Kiddo had been given a sedative. Kiddo’s procedure was underway. The medical team is awesome. My parents would nod with each report. They would have treated the same. Kiddo was resting. Kiddo was coming home. When it was all done, I was mentally and emotionally tired, but I knew deep down could have been much worse. Kiddo’s prognosis could have been less favorable. I could have been alone with my what ifs.

The next day, released and back at home, Kiddo was healing as he should (my dad verified). As I waved to my departing family, it hit me once again just how fortunate I’d been. Of all the times to stay over, they just happened to visit me during a medical emergency.

Whether the timing was a lucky coincidence, fate, or blessed intervention, I make no judgment. I wrote last week about my fear of sharks not then knowing a much more immediate threat lay waiting at home. I wrote about my father’s advice to mentally combat the ups and downs not then realizing how soon I would have to put that advice once again to the test. I continue to marvel at the interconnection of things, this web more comforting to see especially after experiencing a spider’s bite.

In this case, the how or why doesn’t matter. All I know, all I care, is that my son is already acting like his normal, goofy, lego-dinosaur-and now Pokemon-obsessed self, and for that, I am grateful.


31 thoughts on “A tale of fright and fate on one crazy night

    1. It was terrifying.

      It was one of those times I wished I could clone myself so that I could be in two places at once, only I’m fairly sure I would have gotten in the way at the hospital, or potentially scared my son.

      I briefly touched on it, but the staff, by Lamont’s account, were wonderful. My son was doted on throughout.

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  1. Wow. I’d call that divine providence. I WILL judge, and it was God, baby! He is Good! And I’m so glad your family was there for you and that your son is okay. What could cause such a thing? Was it the kick he received, or did it just form on its own somehow?

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    1. I definitely won’t disagree! 😄 Especially not after this weekend.

      We don’t know for sure, but it could be that the kick provided the opportunity for bacteria to enter in, or the kick might not have anything to do with it at all and the bacteria was just there and he was exposed through regular play.


      1. Yeah, I would have included pictures so that other parents could identify a similar infection sooner, but decided to use graphic language instead. It wasn’t pretty to look at.

        Unfortunately, it wasn’t entirely painless. By the time he went to the doctor on Friday, Kiddo was hunching over when he walked. My poor brave little guy…


  2. I love how your parents comment on your blog, much the way that mine (sometimes) do. Also glad your son is okay and back to his usual rambunctious self. Don’t beat yourself up too much for taking the wait-and-see approach…I’m pretty sure most doctors would have recommended the same.

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    1. I’m always amused when they (and yours) comment as well.

      Thanks. He’s been milking injury as much as he can. But mommmmm I can’t pick up my room… My boo boo…

      Can’t win. You rush to the doctor only to be told it’s just constipation, you don’t, you wish you had.


  3. Such a frightening experience. You dealt with it amazingly I’m not sure I would have been as calm or composed. I love how the universe also tends to deliver what you need exactly when you need it, parents on this occasion 💖 Hope he is doing well now x

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    1. It really would have been a fairly different story had they not been there. I would have been a puddle of panicked mass quivering on the hospital floor. Kiddo would still have soldiered through though because he is amazingly brave.

      I’ve told him that chicks dig scars.


  4. Um. You SAY you were scared but the way you wrote this, I felt panicked and you seemed…calm. I would have been terrified. I hate when my kids get sick or hurt. I would take the pain on myself in a heartbeat. I can’t stand seeing them suffer and I feel so helpless. Sounds like you (and the little guy) did really well. ❤ Hugs to you, my friend.

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  5. Ah, this was the emergency the other week! So scary, I would have been freaking out too. So glad that Kiddo is okay now, and that you had such wonderful family around to support you. Having kids is just the most terrifying thing, sometimes xx

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    1. After that somewhat vague tweet I felt an explanation was due, but I knew I couldn’t properly describe all that was going on in 140 characters.

      Thanks! Yes they are. I completely discounted that fine print when I signed up.

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