The Early Flight – Don’t Blame Me, I’m Exhausted Poetry

The early flight and bad poetry -
(Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence, for whatever reason, was stuck in my head this morning. That song is beautiful poetry. The following is not)
Hello airport lobby, my old friend
I’ve come to wait in you again
Because demands for security screening
Brought me here when I should be sleeping
And now I’m sitting, staring at the backs of empty chairs.
No one cares.
While I wait, for the early flight
I don’t know why I booked this flight
The sun hasn’t shone its light.
While I wish I could return to bed
I look for someplace I might rest my head
But then I cringe at the sound of the intercom
Calling Tom –
Please return, your flight’s departing
And then I glanced at the corridor
A dozen people, maybe more
People shuffling like walking dead
People moving like limbs are lead
People whose current style is a photo they’ll never share
No one dares
Make pre-flight contact
Sigh, I thought, it’s a look I too well know
As the crowd began to grow
I turned my gaze back to my gate
How I wished I’d left on a different date
But my wishes, like those for extra sleep
Were interrupted, by the speaker’s bleep
And the people yawned and swayed
As they continued on their way
And a sign flashed it was time for boarding
Then I saw a line quickly forming
And I knew, that the time for complaining was done…
…at least, this one
So began my day, with an early flight

29 thoughts on “The Early Flight – Don’t Blame Me, I’m Exhausted Poetry

  1. Hello Michael, waiting there,
    It’s pouring water everywhere,
    Because the floods from Florence are down
    It’s time to dump another round.

    And the kids who just went back to school
    Have yet another sabbatical
    And the Roblocks that was planted in the brain still remains
    Disturbing once again the sounds of silence.

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      1. I don’t envy you the experience. The Sound of Silence has now been in my head since reading this. Luckily, I don’t mind.
        There’s a BBC show call Detectorists that my sister introduced me to. There’s these two guys who look like S and G. The puns they make as a result of that… oh, so classic. It’s an oddball but strangely satisfying little show.

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    1. Yeah, I’d prefer not to travel eight hours for a day trip either. If given an option I like to be able to spend 2x wherever I’m going compared to the time it takes to get there. Sadly, I am not always given that option, but that’s the goal.

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