Unexpected summer surprises

I barely recognized the boy who walked through my door. It was my eldest son returning from yet another outing with a set of his grandparents, an event that has become so commonplace over this summer break that it barely makes sense to unpack his bag. His hair was now more white than yellow and … Continue reading Unexpected summer surprises

Happiness and Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I remember my very first performance review. I had sat nervously at my desk waiting to be called into my manager's office, feeling very much like a student asked to meet with the principal. I watched as a colleague exited signaling that it was my turn. My boss slid a piece a paper toward me detailing … Continue reading Happiness and Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Now welcoming all passengers on board

My eldest is completely and utterly besotted with the Christmas Spirit. He's always liked Christmas, been a fan of the lights, and the presents, but this year, for whatever reason, has been particularly exciting for him. Perhaps it is because he, on some level, expects that the magic of Christmas might not be there next … Continue reading Now welcoming all passengers on board

Thanksgiving away from home – what could be better?

I considered myself fortunate. We were traveling for Thanksgiving, meaning I wasn't going to have to cook (a good thing for all involved - just ask my hubby sometime about my poultry cooking skills). I didn't have to clean. All I was expected to do was to enjoy time with my family. Silly me. I … Continue reading Thanksgiving away from home – what could be better?

Parting with an old friend

I remember the day I picked out my stroller. I was so overwhelmed with the number of options out there and had a difficult time staying focused on my need versus want list with all those little kicks in my stomach. I finally selected one of those stroller systems which includes a car carrier that … Continue reading Parting with an old friend