We are in this together

One of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is the feeling of being completely in charge of your own destiny. You get to make the decisions. You are responsible for your business' success. This feeling is great, as long as things go according to plan. But when have things ever gone according to plan? Employees might … Continue reading We are in this together

Once stung, twice equipped with repellent

When I was a teenager, I was attacked by a swarm of ground hornets while hiking with a group of friends. I never even saw their nest. Someone ahead of me must have inadvertently stepped where he or she shouldn't have and by the time they had flown to the surface in a rage I was … Continue reading Once stung, twice equipped with repellent

Staying on the lookout for the win

I recently came across a discussion topic regarding a woman's recent decision to join the entrepreneur set. She wanted to know what others felt was the most important element to consider with regards to going into business for one's self. I answered, you have to be careful to surround yourself with the right people. In … Continue reading Staying on the lookout for the win

Separating Business from Hobby

What separates a business from a hobby? My husband and I watch a fair bit of the show, Shark Tank, and often one of the investors will explain the difference to wannabe entrepreneurs. It is one thing to have an idea, and I am in no way diminishing the importance of that crucial element, but … Continue reading Separating Business from Hobby

Help Wanted – Embracing Outsourcing

I've recently suffered a terrible loss. My part-time housekeeper has found a better opportunity elsewhere. While this is great news for her (and I wish her all the best), it is awful news for me. I am going to have to somehow figure out how to insert deep cleaning back into my already full schedule. Cue the nervous tics. She wasn't coming by weekly, and I … Continue reading Help Wanted – Embracing Outsourcing