From one mother to another

The US presidential race has as a special place in my heart (others might call it indigestion). Two election cycles ago, I remember sitting on the edge of my couch waiting, counting the minutes, as ballot totals rolled across the bottom of the television screen. One way or another, I knew my life would never be … Continue reading From one mother to another

A birthday wish for my son

Cake crumbs still spotted the table and chairs, remnants from his brother's birthday party when LT first began asking if it was now time to plan his celebration, an event that wouldn't take place for several months. Each time he asked, he announced loudly and repeatedly that he was done being three and ready to … Continue reading A birthday wish for my son

A House of Cards

Over the last several days, my world has revolved around poop. Or more specifically the complete lack of it. My little lord tyrant has once again been suffering from a blockage in his lower tract, a chronic problem stemming from a combination of his hypermobility and the logic-defying, adamantium clad will of a stubborn three-year-old. He … Continue reading A House of Cards

On your mark, get ready to race…

My eldest son is currently enrolled in year-round school which means that he goes to school for nine weeks and has a three-week break. As our day jobs don't provide the same flexibility of schedule (especially after two weeks of snow days), and because the last time we left kiddo unsupervised for a significant period … Continue reading On your mark, get ready to race…