Gone but not forgotten

One of my favorite shows growing up was Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, and one of my favorite episodes in the series was an episode entitled Gone but Not Forgotten. In the episode, one of the Fraggles named Wembley meets a character named Mudwell, a Mudbunny. Mudbunnies are a solitary species which spend their entire lives preparing for their eventual end. They know their time has come when the mud is ready.

Being a Fraggle, a creature which lives entirely in the moment and the complete opposite of a Mudbunny, Wembley has a hard time at first accepting the reason why his new-found friend won’t join the other Fraggles and their fun community forever. Mudwell sings about the water cycle.

“One day it’s an ocean.
One day ice in motion.
One day it’s a tear drop in your eye.”

As he continues, it is clear he is singing about a completely different cycle –

“You’ve got to leave to stay.
We’ll meet again someday,
Just a dream away.”

It is a beautiful, moving episode about handling grief, how painful and awkward it is, and yet it is also an episode about connection, the cycle of life, and rebirth. Mudwell’s song stayed with me throughout the years and has only grown more poignant as I’ve gotten older.  I am especially reminded of it on weeks like this.

Our friend, Ashley passed away this week. Ashley was funny, caring, and nice, but never obnoxiously so. She enjoyed helping others and spending time with her family. In my mind’s eye, I still see her joining the group after a mud run, ridiculously filthy from head to toe, but always with a smile on her face and always looking like the definition of health.

I am conflicted.

I am angry. Cancer takes so many and took her too young. I am sick to my stomach thinking about those left behind. I am sad. I didn’t get to know her long enough. But I suspect if I asked her family, they would say there would never have been enough time. I am happy she is no longer suffering. I am working on accepting. We’ve known this time was coming.

I am grateful.

We are all here for only a moment but live on in the memories of others. Ashley, although we never spoke about it, you’ve inspired me to live each day fully and helped to keep my priorities in order. You had a bigger impact than you’ll ever know. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. May you live long in memory.

Until we meet again.

23 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten

  1. That song was unexpectedly lovely – thank you for sharing! I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost a very dear friend early this year, and even though I was glad her suffering had ended, and am confident that she is with God and that I’ll see her again one day, it was still so, so hard.


    1. I love the song’s tone and thought it was only fitting as a remembrance for someone who was such a positive person. I am saddened to hear of your loss as well. The world needs more good people. Not less.

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  2. So sorry about your friend. I’ve lost a few myself. It really isn’t fair when the kind and loving people we know have to suffer so. Makes me angry as well. Hugs. Jan


  3. I never was much of a fan of Fraggle Rock, but I like how they dealt with the inevitability of death – even though some children might not have realized what it was about. I too, am sorry for your loss.


  4. Your blog regularly inspires me, and moves me. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You don’t have to participate, but if you choose to, the details are in the post here:


    Here’s what I wrote about you:

    AlliePottsWrites–As her blog’s tagline goes, she makes me “appreciate the everyday” in a way that makes each moment new.


  5. Hi Allie,
    I know Masgauten (Maja). I consider her a friend.
    Your post–kind of sad.
    My dog, my best friend of 15 years, died within the last two weeks, and I am still raw.
    Your post referencing the Muppets and death reminded me of Jim Henson who got pneumonia and died. I got pneumonia around the same time. Henson’s death goes to show, money doesn’t matter. He, Steve Jobs, it’s health that’s important.
    Thanks for visiting my site Mostly Blogging and liking my guest author’s post about why it’s sometimes bad to have blog followers.
    Nice to meet you.


    1. I lost my dog 3 years ago and still miss the big guy. It’s hard, and I am sorry for your loss.

      I remember when Henson passed. Dr Suess was within the following year, and I remember feeling like the world had lost two great people, and it did, but we still remember them both. So they live on.


  6. Hi Allie,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I am flattered and excited! Are you on Pinterest? I would love to invite you to pin to our group Pinterest board. Send me your Pinterest Email at janicegreenfield123@gmail.com so I can send you an invitation. Your Email will stay private. Once again welcome!


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