A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones: A Rambling Review

It is a rare book that makes me care about the characters before the end of the first act. A Thousand Rooms, by Helen Jones - this book, had me crying before I'd even read ten percent. Repeatedly. And not just a little. I had to put it down more than once in order to … Continue reading A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones: A Rambling Review

Gone but not forgotten

One of my favorite shows growing up was Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, and one of my favorite episodes in the series was an episode entitled Gone but Not Forgotten. In the episode, one of the Fraggles named Wembley meets a character named Mudwell, a Mudbunny. Mudbunnies are a solitary species which spend their entire lives preparing for their … Continue reading Gone but not forgotten

After all is said and done

"You are going to die," kiddo announced rather matter-of-fact the other night as I helped him get ready for bed. I see. It was time for one of those talks. "Yes, I am," I answered, "but hopefully not anytime soon." "I am going to live forever," he replied, "because I eat healthy foods." "So do I … Continue reading After all is said and done