Reading Round Up – End of Summer Edition

One of the best parts about going on vacation is it gives me the ability to attack my ever unruly to-read list. Unfortunately, my list is rather like a hydra, as I usually wind up adding three more books to its roster with every completed novel - but I like to pretend I'm making some … Continue reading Reading Round Up – End of Summer Edition

Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle by Geoff Le Pard – A Rambling Review

I have two children under the age of ten which apparently means that I have two people who can somehow muster the strength to throw every single pillow or cushion off a bed or couch without breaking a sweat and yet can't seem to muster the energy required to close the door all the way … Continue reading Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle by Geoff Le Pard – A Rambling Review

A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones: A Rambling Review

It is a rare book that makes me care about the characters before the end of the first act. A Thousand Rooms, by Helen Jones - this book, had me crying before I'd even read ten percent. Repeatedly. And not just a little. I had to put it down more than once in order to … Continue reading A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones: A Rambling Review

How can I support awesome #indieauthors?

How about a review or two (or three)? Amazon recently changed its review policy so that fake reviews, or reviews in which someone raves about a book they've never read or product they've never used, more difficult to post. It is a policy designed to protect the reader / buyer (a good thing!) however, one … Continue reading How can I support awesome #indieauthors?

The Fair and Foul by Allie Potts, a review.

What an unexpected surprise and a great way to start my day. Of course, now I have to work doubly hard on the next one.

Note: Eric Klingenberg, a very entertaining blogger worth reading and author of the review, updated the link to his original post. Those interested can now find it at

Eric's blog


This is a sci/fi book with a bit of romance thrown in. It follows the adventures of a scientist Juliane in the near future as she works for a cutting edge technology company. She and her fellow scientists come up with some amazing advancements, that will benefit mankind. As you would expect things don’t go to plan and not every one’s motives are pure.

What I didn’t like;

Well to be honest the genre, I’m not a huge fan of science fiction or romance for that matter. I found the lack of magic wands, broomsticks, dragons and young men leaving home to follow an impossible yet vital quest a bit disappointing.

What I did like;

Pretty much everything, I thought I wouldn’t like the book as I said really not my sort of thing. The opening is excellent and well judged, just enough about the heroine’s childhood for the choices…

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